i.e.Retail Limited
We have completed projects in retail, manufacturing and research over the past 30 years in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, India and the UK.

With backgrounds in retail, manufacturing, research and software development we are able to
relate directly to your needs, and thus fine-tune our standard methodology, software or
training programs to make sure these are completely compatible with your
business and channel requirements.

Over the recent past our business has completed projects such as:

  • The design and implementation of a Retail Buying School for NZ and Australian Retailers;
  • A robust easy to manage Change Model for small to medium sized business transformations;
  • The development and implementation of Smartpad based Mystery shopper, Consumer and Retail research;
  • The design and development of StoreRunner and ShopX, a set of retail and manufacturing business simulation experiences designed in the “gamification” mode for anyone in the industry who wishes to learn how retail operates;
  • Numerous countrywide Space Management and Layout projects in FMCG, Rural Supplies, Electronics, Fresh Foods and General Merchandise, both in Australia and New Zealand. Keep an eye open for our soon to be launched Space, Relay  and Layout App, SPACE PUPPET, on both Apple and Android stores.


You’ll hear us at conferences, in both New Zealand and Australia.