ieRetail focuses on the Manufacturer, Retailer, Shopper and Consumer value chain. We provide research, retail simulations, gamification, deliver training and manufacturer to consumer insights, enhance retail, category, brand and range profit.  Our clients come from all over the Asia Pacific area and from China to South Africa, Australia to New Zealand. You’ll want to talk to us as our results show:

  • We improve your store, category, brand or range trading performance by between 3 and 25%,
  • We increase the average transaction value, customer count or frequency of return,
  • We increase your New Product ranging and distribution opportunity by as much as 50%,
  • We reduce the “up to speed” time for new people or new roles by as much as 30%,
  • We reduce the learning time it takes for training and projects by half,
  • We make your space, range and product displays 10% more efficient and profitable,
  • We provide a unique and incredibly cost effective change methodology for projects of all description,
  • Through our unique research and tracker methodology, we deliver insights and opportunities for your shopper marketing programs,
  • We train your people in what we do, ensuring you are independently able to use what you have learnt,
  • All supported by software, toolkits, apps and processes and our tailored “local mentor” program if needed.

And we can do this as we are staffed by industry experts from around the globe. Just ask our clients – most of them have been with us for years.