We are a retail, wholesale and manufacturing based consulting business designing and implementing training and project based solutions for our customers. This includes a focus on CONSULTING, OPTIMISATION, TRAINING, BENCHMARKING and BUSINESS SIMULATIONS.

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Our Consultants have many years of international Retail experience behind them and use our own unique tools and techniques when completing research or consulting projects. Based in Australia and 
New Zealand, we have a vast array of local experience to blend in with our approach to retail and manufacturing.

Between our consultants we have experience with many of the major FMCG, General Merchandise and Electronics retailers in New Zealand, Australia and many of the major international manufacturers. We have processes, tools and methodologies that are customisable for all business applications.

These toolkits include Tools and Processes for:

  • Category Development or Projects
  • Channel Strategy Development
  • Company Strategy Development
  • Consumer Research
  • Store Layouts, hotspots, traffic patterns, merchandising strategy, basket management, foot-flow and floor heat mapping
  • Shopper Research and feedback
  • Leadership Assessment Technologies
  • Change Management and Business Transformation


Shop Optimisation Analysis is designed to look, assess and highlight local store opportunities. The assessment focus is on Financial, Shopper, Layout, Category and Customer data.

ieRetail will complete a 3 day site based SHOP OPTIMISATION ANALYSIS©:

  1. Delivers a short, medium and long term overview of performance
  2. Categorised into Tactical, Strategic and Priority opportunities
  3. Fully supported by photographic and financial evidence
  4. Based on local and demographic trends as available for analysis
  5. In an easy to understand and implement report with all data packaged for easy access.





training-1   1. SALES PLANNING
training-2   2. CATEGORY STRATEGY
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Software and Program:

  • EzRetail is a retail Customer Benchmarking software app
  • We measure and report on any and all service, product, fixture and customer metrics
  • We provide an extremely flexible yet robust and systematic measure of Customer‚Äôs experiences in your stores, at your category or at your POP with mystery or visible researchers
  • The Tool is fully customizable and suits a range of requirements for Retailers, Suppliers and Marketers
  • Smart Pad designed, ubiquitous and 100% customizable with Nationwide researchers, wirelessly linked to our central host
  • Reported on within 72 hours, via email, and supported by staff on site if required
  • Consolidated Reporting for HQ or Support Centre staff on everything from trends, exceptions, hot and cold scores, watch-outs, priority items and a raft of other selected options
  • Scoring, Ranking or the like to stimulate site-on-site competition, if required


Case Study - NZ

  1. Out of stocks have dropped in over 93% of stores
  2. Trends in all instances of all measured areas indicated an improvement inside 3 months
  3. Individualized questionnaires mean stores/categories have been enabled to focus on niche opportunities without taking away from the overall program . Yet scores are still comparable given reporting and scoring algorithms.
  4. Payback on the system and program within the 1st month for most stores!!


Trend Reports



Monthly Scores by Department



Customer Excellence Programme



Store Trends by Department




ieRetail has designed and built Retail Business Simulations perfectly suited for a number of retail markets and categories. We run 4 distinct retail simulations in each of FMCG, DIY/Hardware, Appliances and a LITE version in each of these. The video below explains the simulation.

We run "vanilla" versions of our ShopX simulations and we are able to build bespoke simulations for for clients with more specific needs. As an example:

  • StoreRunner, a bespoke retail simulation for an FMCG retailer,
  • StoreMaster, a bespoke simulation for a DIY retailer,
  • ShopX, our standard simulation suited to both retailers and manufacturers


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We also use ShopX as a  Talent and Management Assessment Centre, and use other Assessment Center Technology to assess:

Leadership and Management Assessment

At ieRetail we use Assessment Centre Technology to assess and evaluate individual, team or organisational competence and predictive outcomes. The origin of Assessment Centres can be traced back to the Second World War where German, British and American Armies used a technique of creating "real life" situations, to evaluate people's behaviour under standardised conditions.

After World War II, the assessment concept was applied in American industry to assist in the selection and succession planning of management.

This technique is today used by over 1000 companies world-wide. Numerous international studies have been undertaken to validate the method, and they have further shown that the assessment centre method is still the single best method of predicting managerial and leadership success. The popularity of the centres can be attributed to the fact that they are closer to the work situation than psychological tests, they appear to be valid and they correlate highly with behaviour in the work situation.

Objectives of the ieRetail Management Development Centre are:

To determine individual management development needs on which systematic development plans are based.

To predict managerial readiness for succession planning, taking into account intrinsic and empirical work performance results.

To identify general management development needs in Company's, teams or individuals.

The competencies we measure are:

Execution Management

  1. Personal Management
  2. Initiative
  3. Planning Management
  4. Control

Decision Making

  1. Analytical Ability
  2. Responsiveness
  3. Judgement


  1. Development of Others
  2. Motivation
  3. Directing
  4. Decision Making


  1. Reasoning
  2. Communication